The Proteomics Facility at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (ProFI) was recently established thanks to a competitive grant from Capacities, one of the research funding schemes under the FP7 programme of the European Union. The idea behind ProFI is to equip a state of the art proteomics lab at the IMBB and to recruit experienced post-docs and technicians to participate in setting it up. To spark off integration of proteomics approaches with the existing research tools and to establish successful experimental flows, ProFI will begin its operation by engaging in four general areas of research:  protein trafficking, aging, immunology and the malaria-mosquito interaction. These reflect the interests of five IMBB research groups that are involved in the ProFI project. We intend to develop protocols for bottom-up shotgun analysis, interaction proteomics, study of post-translational modifications, label and label-free quantification. To ensure optimal integration of proteomics tools at IMBB, ProFI will obtain advice from a comittee of "mentors", established leaders in proteomics research from EU labs. ProFI is co-ordinated by Prof. Tassos Economou.