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High Content Screening Microscopy Unit

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·         High content screening (HCS) is one of the fastest growing microscopy fields in cell biology and combines the automation of fluorescence microscopy coupled with quantitative image analysis. The High Content Screening facility at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, provides access to the High Content Screening Microscope Operetta (Perkin Elmer).   

HCS is the choice of microscopy for studies aim to track changes on cellular morphology and behaviour due to the effect of a drug or RNAi screening. It is also used to measure: protein expression and translocation, fluorescence redistribution within the cell, apoptosis, proliferation, viral infection, organelle structure, cell and organ morphology, neurite outgrowth, signalling pathway analysis.

Technical Characteristics

 Xenon lamp for fluorescence excitation (360-640nm)

·         Automated epi-fluorescence imager with widefield and confocal scanning (spinning disk) to eliminate background

·         Digital phase contrast

·         Independent excitation and emission filter wheels

·         Four position automated objective turret

·         High sensitivity CCD camera 

·         Fast and reliable autofocus

·         Environmental heating chamber for live imaging and adjustable CO­2 supply

·         Kinetics capabilities for carrying out time course experiments

·         In built analysis software


High Content Microscopy facility and Image analysis software


Some examples of images taken so far:

Image of Neurite tree


MCF10 cells growing on laminin substrate


Caenorhabditis elegans


Nuclei stain with TOPRO of embryonic mouse brain sutures and image segmentation


Nuclei and actin stain in HeLa cells and image segmentation showing cell membrane



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Contact Person
Elena Deligianni
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Head Scientist
Dimitris Kafetzopoulos
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