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Proteomics Facilities at IMBB (ProFI)

The Proteomics Facility at IMBB (ProFI) was established in 2009 thanks to a competitive grant from Capacities research funding schemes under the FP7 programme of the European Union. The idea behind ProFI is to spark off integration of mass spectrometry based proteomics and metabolomics approaches with the locally and nationally existing research tools and to establish successful experimental flows and collaborative projects. ProFI is equipped by state-of-the-art proteomic and bioinformatic tools and is operated by highly experienced staff as an excellent research and service module within IMBB. In that framework, ProFI scientists have successfully developed and integrated at IMBB research tools for bottom-up and top-down shotgun proteomic and metabolomics analysis, interaction and comparative proteomics, study of protein post-translational modifications, protein quantification for a plethora of biological systems and questions. Moreover, the ultimate scope of ProFI is the application and dissemination of mass spectrometry based proteomics and metabolomics nationally and become an internationally recognized Research and Service facility. More precisely: i) Mapping of technological needs regarding proteomics; ii) Dissemination of knowledge and technology; iii) Support of research projects; iv) Fund-raising (National and International); v) Support of basic and applied research. The successful operation of ProFI is indicated by the numerous publications in prestigious scientific journals and conferences proceedings, and its participation in >20 National and International founded research projects. Currently, ProFI is collaborating with many research labs within IMBB, and external labs, including research groups in Greece and other European countries. Moreover, ProFI provides services to the private sector, including clinical and industrial laboratories and companies.


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