Members Subject area Affiliation
Despina Alexandraki Metalloregulated transcription in the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast): Fe/Cu responsive transcription and associated factors-New multiprotein complexes in transcription/ DNA damage response  BIO/IMBB
Irene Athanasakis   BIO
George Bertsias   MED
Vassilis Bouriotis   BIO
George Chalepakis The role of Fras1/Frem proteins in epithelial-mesenchymal interactions during mouse embryonic development BIO
Christos Delidakis Intrinsic and extrinsic regulation of cell fate in Drosophila. Specification of neural precursors. BIO/IMBB
Tassos Economou Molecular mechanism of protein secretion through biological membranes BIO/IMBB
Aristides Eliopoulos Signal transduction in cancer; Cancer gene therapy MED
George Garinis   IMBB
Elektra Gizeli   BIO/IMBB
Achilleas Gravanis Interactions fo microglia and neurons in neurodegenerative diseases: the paracrine interplay between stress neuropeptides, neurosteroids and neurotrophins to control neuron apoptosis and survival. Pharmacology of neuroprotection, neurorepair. MED
Ioannis Iliopoulos Prediction of protein function, genome evolution and comparative genomics. Document clustering and information extraction for biological text. MED temporary
Dimitris Kafetzopoulos   IMBB
Kriton Kalantidis RNA mediated Phenomena, including RNA silencing, miRNA regulation, RNA viruses and viroids BIO/IMBB
Domna Karagogeos Axon guidance and neuronal migration. Molecular organization of myelinated nerves. MED/IMBB
Dimitris Kardassis   MED/IMBB
Michalis Kokkinidis Protein crystallography, structural biology and biocomputing, protein folding, protein engineering, structral basis of bacterial pathogenicity, structure-based design of gene therapy tools, structural basis of enzymatic mechanisms. BIO/IMBB
Androniki Kretsovali Transcriptional control and epigenetic mechanisms involved in the regulation of cell differentiation. Functional genomics of embryonic stem cells. IMBB
Emmanuel Ladoukakis Molecular Evolution, mitochondrial DNA evolution BIO
Christos (Kitsos) Louis Molecular Biology and Genomics of the events occurring in the midgut of anopheline mosquitoes during infection with Plasmodium parasites. Bioinformatics, especially the development of databases and biological ontologies. BIO/IMBB
George Mavrothalassitis The ets genes as receptor-tyrosine-kinase mediators in development and cancer MED/IMBB
Maria Monastirioti   IMBB
Joseph Papamatheakis   BIO/IMBB
Kyriacos Petratos Elucidation of the catalytic mechanisms of enzymes. Crystal structure determination and analysis of biomolecules. IMBB
Yiota Poirazi Cellular simulations and biological data analysis IMBB
Inga Siden Kiamos Interactions of the mosquito midgut and the malaria parasite Plasmoduim berghei. P. bergehi ookinete motility - motor proteins and signaling pathways. IMBB
Charalambos Spilianakis   IMBB
Christos Stournaras   MED
Nektarios Tavernarakis We use Caenorhabditis elegans to investigate the molecular mechanisms of neuronal function and dysfunction. 1. Neurodegeneration/Necrotic cell death. 2. Sensory transduction and integration. 3. Protein turnover and ageing IMBB
Panagiotis Theodoropoulos Structure and function of the nuclear envelope in mammals MED
Kostas Tokatlidis Mitochondria biogenesis and protein sorting nanomachines. Redox-regulation and molecular mechanisms of protein import, folding and assembly in mitochondria IMBB/ Materials Sci/ UoC
Efthimia Tsagris Interactions of host proteins from tomato with the non coding, infectious RNA potato spindle tuber viroid ( PSTVd). BIO
Christos Tsatsanis Neuroendocrine regulation of inflammation and cancer MED
Dimitris Tzamarias Gene Regulation in Integrated Biological Systems IMBB
John Vontas   BIO
George Zachos   BIO
Vassilis Zannis   MED
Adjunct members    
Kostas Bourtzis   Ioannina Dept Environm. Studies
Nikos Moschonas   Patras MED
Iannis Talianidis   Fleming



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