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Equipment for preparation of paraffin sections

Tissue preparation can include embedding and sectioning soft and hard tissues, as well as metallic and ceramic implants. Soft tissues can be prepared in paraffin, sectioned, and stained. Several staining protocols are available, including immunohistochemistry and histochemistry. Hard tissues do not have to be decalcified. There are a number of stains that may be used for implants and hard tissues.

Cryostat with UVC Disinfection, Vibratome and Automatic Tissue processor, Tissue embedding center, Waterbath, Flattening table for paraffin sections and Rotary Microtome for the preparation of paraffin sections

Within the Histology Facility, equipment is available to produce high quality microscopic sections of frozen and paraffin embedded material. Induction and equipment training sessions are held by histology staff to train staff, honours and post graduate students in histological techniques. Bookings can then be made to use our equipment and facilities.

These services are available to all Institutional staff and students. Professional services, sectioning and staining etc. can be provided by our highly qualified staff by prior arrangement, subject to the availability of resources.


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