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40 years of IMBB – FORTH celebration - Group Photo

40 years of IMBB – FORTH celebration - Group Photo

The First IMBB Alumni Community reunion successfully took place on October 20 2023. Together with present members of IMBB we celebrated the 40 years anniversary of IMBB. Presentations ranging on subjects from science to personal memories, from remembering those no longer with us to the history of IMBB, gave us the opportunity to link up with the past and present of our diverse community. During coffee breaks and poster session we met up with old friends and connected with new ones. In the evening, we all had dinner together and our special DJ played music that got many participants on the dance floor. It was truly a day to remember for the many that participated. And we all agreed that we will meet again!

"The IMBB Alumni aims to capture our member contributions to the history and success of our Institute, generate an invaluable resource for the mutual benefit of our young investigators and scientific community, and advance life science research "

Latest IMBB Alumni news

IMBB Biennial Report 2022-2023 is now public. The report presents the Institute, its scientific progress and the research interests of its scientists. In this report the IMBB Alumni Community has its own section with pictures from the 40-year IMBB First Alumni Reunion, and a presentation of the Board of the Community (on pages 31 to 35) followed by the IMBB 40-year timeline posters. The report can be downloaded here.
18 June 2024
IMBB Alumna Maura Strigini is coordinating the first year of the M. Sc. Program Biomedical Sciences/Health Engineering of the University of Saint-Etienne in France. Maura was instrumental in mediating research visits for two students at IMBB this year. Nabelle Terfi is working on a project with Dimitris Spyridakos in Domna Karagogeos laboratory at IMBB and University of Crete Medical School. Her project investigates an in vivo demyelination model through injection of LPC toxin in the central nervous system of mice. Lauryne Brancard joined Kriton Kalantidis group at IMBB and the Biology department at the University of Crete. Her project centered on the study of the specific role of RNAse III proteins in the life cycle of viroids within Nicotiana benthamiana to better understand plant defense strategies and identify potential targets for interventions aimed at enhancing resistance.
17 June 2024


IMBB alumnus George Dimopoulos gave a talk in the seminar series of the IMBB Mentoring and Career Track Scheme. His talk “Navigating your biomedical career path proactively” addressed essential ingredients of biomedical career management that can help students and researchers making informed decisions to embark on a most suitable career path.
George also gave an IMBB seminar "Genetic and microbial approaches to combat the ongoing expansion of arboviral infection" George did his Ph.D. with Kitsos Louis and is currently Professor at Johns Hopkins University. Since last year he holds an ERA chair at IMBB and leads the project “MicroBioPest”.
April 25-26, 2024
IMBB alumna Daphne Bazopoulou gave an IMBB Seminar with the title: "Early-life Stress in Health and Longevity: Insights from redox-regulated events". Daphne did her Ph.D. with Nektarios Tavernarakis and is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology, University of Crete.
April 5, 2023
IMBB alumnus Apostolos Klinakis presented the talk "Epigenetics in solid malignancies" at the Thematic Seminar "Current challenges in cancer research: from bench to bedside" co-organized by IMBB, University of Crete Medical School and University of Crete Research Center. Apostolos did his Ph.D. with Babis Savakis and is currently a Researcher at the Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens.
March 29, 2024
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