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    There is no scheduled participation to international events at the present time



    Annual Surgical Oncology Update, Early Breast Cancer: Minimal Therapy, Iraklio,
    Greece 2005
    Genome and Breast Cancer (Kafetzopoulos D - Invited Presentation)




    Laser Olympics 2004, Athens, Greece 2004
    Photochemical applications of lasers in biology (Kafetzopoulos, D. - Invited Presentation)

    2nd Annual PROGNOCHIP Meeting, Iraklio, Greece 2004
    Developments in the gene expression profiling (Kafetzopoulos D)

    3rd MultiMine Training Seminar: Knowledge Discovery with Emphasis in Medical Applications,
    Chania, Greece 2004
    From the human genome to individualized genetic medicine (Kafetzopoulos, D. - Invited Presentation)

    1st International Greek Biotechnology Forum, Athens, Greece 2004.
    Post-genomic Approaches to New Pesticides: The example of insect chitin synthases,

    5th Greek Conference on Cancer Markers and Targeted Therapy, Athens, Greece 2004
    Microarrays and new marker genes for cancer (Kafetzopoulos, D. – Invited Presentation)

    1st Annual PROGNOCHIP Meeting, Iraklio, Greece 2003
    From the human genome to the molecular profiles of tumors (Kafetzopoulos D)
    Molecular Pathway in familial breast cancer (T. Margaritis)
    Issues and requirements for the analysis of genetic data. (G. Papadakis)

    8th Greek Conference on Surgical Oncology, Athens, Greece 2003.
    From the Human Genome to Individualized Medicine
    (Kafetzopoulos D - Invited Presentation)

    Local Conference on Biotechnological Inventions, Iraklio, Greece 2002.
    Management of the scientific research results: the example of an agrochemical target
    (Kafetzopoulos D. - Invited Presentation)


    2nd European Technology Transfer Days, Germany, 2004
    Nanobiotechnology: Reverse engineering of life (Kafetzopoulos, D – Invited Presentation)

    E-MRS, Strasbourg, France, 2004
    Time resolved Schlieren study of sub-ps and ns laser transfer of biomaterials (Zergioti I., Karaiskou, A., Papazoglou, D., Fotakis, C., Kapsetaki, M., Kafetzopoulos, D).

    3rd International Conference on Chitin Enzymology, Senigallia, Italy, 2001
    Molecular Biology of Insect Chitin Synthases (Kapsetaki M, Gagou ME, Turberg A and Kafetzopoulos D).

    International Workshop on Marine Biotechnology, Oldenburg, Germany, 2000
    Chitin enzymology: Target and model enzymes for the development of biotechnological applications.
    (Kafetzopoulos D – Invited presentation)

    8th International Conference on Chitin and Chitosan, Yamaguchi, Japan, 2000.
    Molecular Biology of insect chitin synthases (Kapsetaki M, Gagou ME, Turberg A, Kafetzopoulos D)