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    V. Bouriotis Laboratory

    Our main objective is characterization and applications of novel biocatalysts. Furthermore, using protein engineering (rational design and directed evolution) we aim to develop enzymes with improved properties for either established applications or areas of application where enzymes have not previously been used. Collaboration with Protein Crystallography groups is an important element of our effort to establish a structural basis for the applications envisaged.
    The main research directions for the reporting period have been the following:

    • Studies of polysaccharide deacetylases (chitin deacetylases, peptidoglycan deacetylases)
    • Lmbe protein family enzymes
    • Cold adapted enzymes

    Specific applications and patents have emerged from our studies on chitin deacetylases and cold adapted enzymes. We have developed collaborative research projects along the above directions with other IMBB/ international groups where complementary expertise and facilities may be exploited.