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The Animal House at IMBB is an independent facility consisting of: the main SPF unit which houses 3000-4000 mice for the reproduction and maintenance of pure inbred, outbred, transgenic and knockout strains. The experimental area. The Quarantine: where we keep mice coming from other institutions before entering the SPF unit by embryo transfer.

On the ground floor are the service areas like records office, washing and autoclaving area, raw material room for animal feed, feed preparation room, a biochemistry laboratory for studying biochemical markers to check the purity of the animal strains, a routine microbiology laboratory, and a histology facility. A small area has been reserved as a virology laboratory to diagnose viral diseases in laboratory animals. The restricted to personel area houses the designated animal areas - the breeding and experimental mouse / rat / hamster modules. The experimental modules have been placed at the proximal end of the animal area while the supply and breeding modules are placed at the far end. In order to facilitate unidirectional movement of clean and dirty material, the animal area comprises of a central clean corridor, with the dirty corridor located on either side of the rooms.

The Animal House breeds, maintains and supplies inbred, random-bred, hybrid strain/s of mice, for the experimental use of researchers at the Institute. Biochemical and genetic parameters are measured at definite intervals to assess the authenticity of these animals. A transgenic animal facility has been set up. Transgenic and nude mice rooms are located at one end to restrict the entry of staff and thereby reduce the chances of introducing outside infections. The Animal House has a solar water heater system and a separate air-conditioning plant to provide operation theatre quality air, where air is passed through the series of filters and ultra violet light.

The experienced and helpful technical staff of the Animal House assists the research workers in their animal experiments, and is responsible for proper maintenance of this key facility of the Centre.

•  Breeding and maintenance of mice.
•  Tailing of offsprings for genotyping.
•  Controlled matings (plugs) for supplying embryos.
•  Supply of common mouse strains (C57BL/6 ,/10 , CBA/ca , Balb/c , e.t.c.)
•  Supply of different transgenic or knockout lines.