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    1)The Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope Leica TCS SP8 unit  is equipped with one inverted microscope(model  DMI6000 CS) with multiple  DICM and  fluorescent features-capabilities. Oil - water immersion and dry objective lenses are fully motorized and  attached to the microscope unit.Attached to the main microscope a high-end Scientific fluorescence CCD camera(model Leica DFC365FX) is available  for executing fast,real-time   recording.The system has an antivibration stage , an advanced and of a high speed   Laser Scanning System Unit and it is also equipped with a set of a high quality lasers (UV 405nm Diode,DPSS 561nm,He-Ne 633nm,Argon 458-476-488-496-514nm).

    The state of the art computer system is capable- through the powerful software LAS AF 3 (Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence)- of acquisition and analysis of the data .It offers full control over the microscope-hardware and provides all necessary information. LAS AF 3 is fully synchronized with the programmable control panel, which allows interactive and fast setup.

    2) The Zeiss-Biorad unit is equipped with 1 upright microscope with DIC and fluorescent capabilities and oil-immersion lenses, 1 Vibration isolation table, and the Laser Scanning System Unit. The microscope unit is manufactured by Carl Zeiss company (model : Axioskop 2 Plus) and a Scanning Head is attached on it. The Laser Scanning System is manufactured by Biorad company (model: Radiance 2100 equipped with 3 lasers(Argon ,He-Ne, Red Iod).The Facility is also equipped with a computer system (hardware plus software) for the data acquisition and analysis.

    The Zeiss-Biorad  Laser scanning confocal  microscope unit (below)

    3) The BX61 microscope system incorporates a motorized Z focus that interfaces with a laser-based autofocus unit for active focus tracking, making inspections faster and more easily reproducible.

    The Olympus unit BX61 is a fully motorized research microscope built on the platform of the traditional upright frame. In the system a DSU (Disk Scanning Unit) spinning disk confocal is integrated that contains a pattern of slits that creates a virtual pinhole as the disk spins. All major microscope functions are completely automated, including focus, illumination, objective lens selection and filter wheels. All motorized accessories are driven by a master external system controller, the BX-UCB. The unit is also equipped with a state-of-the-art-computer system for data acquisition and analysis. A complete software (Cell-R) command set allows for full computer control.