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    Facility staff can provide instruction in basic aspects of animal cell culture, aseptic techniques. More specifically, the facility offers:

    A. Specialized training in techniques covering the full range of cell culture (animal and insect)

    • Cell preservation
    • Mycoplasma detection
    • Cell cloning
    • Hybridoma production
    • DNA transfection
    • Toxicity testing
    • Mass cell culture using microcarriers, suspension, roller or hollow fiber procedures

    B. Technical advice and service

    • For culturing a range of cell types
    • Frozen stocks of cells-
    • Cell Banking in liquid nitrogen
    • Media preparation, filtration and testing
    • Training in cell culture techniques including cell transfection
    • Mycoplasma screening
    • Microbial contamination testing
    • Monoclonal antibodies from specific hybridoma cells