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    Vibration isolation: Newport vibration isolation table, M-VIS3636-PG2-ERGA, with faraday cage
    Microscope: Axioskop 2FS (Zeiss)
    Camera: Black and white camera for DIC-IR and fluorescence optics (Scientifica)
    Manipulators: MPC-325-2 (Sutter)
    Microscope accessories required for electrophysiological recordings: XY-translational stage (Scientifica) And aluminum bases for tissue chamber and manipulators (Scientifica and IESL-FORTH machine shop)

    Amplifier: BVC-700 (Dagan)
    Amplifier: Axopatch-200B (Molecular Devices)
    A-D board: ITC-18 (Instrutech)
    Stimulator: A320RC (Hybrid stimulator/isolator)
    Computer: Dell
    Acquisition and analysis software: IgorPro (Wavemetrics, Inc)

    Perfusion system: Vaccum pump to enable fluid flow and custom-made tubing system

    Glass puller: P-97 (Sutter)