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    Behavioral Unit

    Emmanouil Froudarakis and Kyriaki Sidiropoulou

    Rooms: Animal house, experimental building

    The following tests for mice are available at the behavioral unit with all the necessary equipment for data acquisition and analyses.

    Tests to Assess movement

    • Rotarod
    • Ladder test

    Tests to assess memory

    • Object recognition tasks (novel object, object-to-place, temporal order object recognition, target detection in delayed match-to-sample)
    • Water maze

    Tests to assess anxiety

    • Open-field test
    • Elevated plus maze
    • Light-dark test

    Tests to assess social behavior

    • Sociability
    • Social memory

    Test to assess sensory processing

    • Visual Object recognition (2AFC)
    • Multisensory (visual-olfactory) integration
    • Olfactory discrimination (2AFC)