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    The development of techniques and methods for protein purification have been an essential pre-requisite for many of the advancements made in biotechnology. Protein purification varies from simple one-step precipitation producers to large scale validated production processes. Often more than one purification step is necessary to reach the desired purity. The key to successful and efficient protein purification is to select the most appropriate techniques, optimize their performance to suit the requirements and combine them in a logical way to maximize yield and minimize the number of steps required.

    Most purification schemes involve some form of chromatography. As a result chromatography have become an essential tool in every laboratory where protein purification is needed. The availability of different chromatography techniques with different selectivities provides a powerful combination for the purification of biomolecules.

    Recombinant DNA developments over the past decade have revolutionized the production of proteins in large quantities. Proteins can even be produced in forms which facilitate their subsequent chromatographic purification. However, this has not removed all challenges. Host contaminants are still present and problems related to solubility, structural integrity and biological activity can still exist.

    Protein Purification and Characterization Core Facility

    The facility purifies proteins from E.coli, insect, mammalian cells and sera using a variety of chromatographic methods, from milligram up to grams scale, using a large variety of chromatographic techniques.

    Furthermore, we also can provide biophysical characterization of purified proteins such as, molecular mass determination or molecular weight, molar mass distributions of heterogeneous samples, accurate aggregation and oligomeric states of proteins, stoichiometry of tightly bond protein heterocomplexes, determination of mass-averaged root mean square radius etc. We also develop or evaluate new techniques and advanced protocols for protein purification and there is significant focus on developing time-saving solutions for these activities.