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Michail Kotsyfakis

Michail Kotsyfakis

Principal Researcher
Email address
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In our research projects, ticks serve as model organisms to address fundamental topics in the field of disease vector biology, such as:

1) Improving our understanding of the basic molecular and biochemical mechanisms that mediate the disease transmission lifecycle of the specific arthropod vector. Emphasis is given to (a) investigating the complexity of tick salivary secretion composition at the molecular level and (b) elucidating the detailed molecular mechanisms by which tick saliva constituents manipulate vertebrate host homeostasis upon tick feeding.

2) Examining how knowledge of the mechanisms adopted by ticks to modulate vertebrate host homeostasis may be the conceptual basis for developing health-related applications. We explore the potential of tick salivary molecules for (a) drug development, (b) developing tick exposure markers, and (c) anti-tick vaccine development.

3) Establishing surveillance/monitoring mechanisms and increasing our preparedness for a scenario in which ticks may serve as disease vectors for the emergence of serious public health issues in Southern Europe.

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