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    Moflo Cell - SORTER

    The facility is equipped with one research grade Cell-Sorting unit consisting of the DakoCytomation (now Beckman-coulter) MoFlo High-Performance Cell Sorter with the Summit software program (

    MOFLO optical layout

    MoFlo - Sorter utilizes three Lasers: 1) UV- 355nm, 2) Blue - 488nm and 3) Red Diode - 643nm
    which can measure up to 9 cellular markers according to Fig.1. Several common fluorochromes (FITC, R-PE, PerCp-Cy5.5, PE-Cy7, APC, APC - Cy5.5) and fluorescent GFP protein have been successfully used.

    The unique configuration of the Lasers allows to simultaneous separation of 4 different populations with a purity greater than 99% and high recovery.



    FACSCalibur is a bench-top cell analyzer, configured with two lasers:
    1) 488 nm Blue-green Argon Ion laser
    2) 633 nm Red Helium Neon laser

    The FlowJo software is installed on a computer near to the FACSCalibur to analyze flow cytometry data.

    Three fluorescence channels and two scatter channels are available from the 488 nm laser (FSC, SSC, FL1, FL2, FL3). One fluorescence channel is available from the 633 nm laser (FL4)