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    Since 1985, IMBB maintains a self-contained Cell Culture Facility that houses all equipment needed for the growth, maintenance, and analysis of animal cells. The facility provides basic support to investigators: preparation, filtration and testing of numerous cell culture media and is a source of culture supplies and sterile reagents. The facility has experience in: a) growing a range of different cell lines and hybridomas including mammalian and insect cell lines as well as primary cells b) large scale cell cultures c) transfection of cells and expansion of different clones d) gene targeting and e) embryonic stem cells. Moreover, laser based methodologies are examined for tissue engineering.

    The main facility is located on the 1 st floor (Room A208) of the IMBB building and has three separate rooms with constant HEPA filtered air flow that is decontaminated by UV irradiation daily. A second facility is housed in the basement of the Institute and accommodates insect cell cultures, the parasite transgenesis laboratory and the tissue engineering activities.

    The cell culture facility complies with all the EU regulations regarding biohazard material handling and disposal.