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    Evangelos Drougkas

    Evangelos Drougkas

    PhD Student

    Foundation for Research & Technology-Hellas
    Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
    Dep. of Biomedical Research
    University Campus of Ioannina
    45 115 Ioannina, Greece

    Phone : +30 26510 07816

    Email address
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Education and Training
    B. Sc
    Department of Biological Application and Technologies, University of Ioannina

    M. Sc.
    Protein Biotechnology, Department of Biology, University of Crete

    Laboratory of Biological Chemistry, University of Ioannina Medical School

    FELASA Accredited course “ref. 051/15” Care and Use of Laboratory animals (Mice, Rat, Zebrafish)

    Mesenchymal Stem Cell culture and identification with FACS analysis with GMP production methods

    Work Experience
    Dec. 2014 – Nov. 2015:  Thalis STEM Cycle programme scholarship: “Cell Cycle: Modeling and comparative analysis of the cell cycle in Stem and Cancer cells”

    Dec. 2015 – May 2015: Siemens – Biology – Biophotonics Scholarship: “Effect of RhoDG26V in the symmetry of cell division during skin stratification, interactions with other factors and investigation of the corresponding mechanism. Translational application of the results in various cancer types.”

    Nov. 2017 – Apr. 2018: GSRT scholarship: “Molecular mechanisms of Asymmetrical Cell Division During Stem cell differentiation”

    May 2018 – Present: KRIPIS Scholarship: “Advanced research activities in biomedical technology”

    “Zinc-substituted pseudoazurin solved by S/Zn-SAD phasing” R. Gessman, M. Papadovasilaki, E. Drougkas and K. Petratos Paper Co – Author Acta Crystallographica Section F 71, 19 – 23