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    Protein Purification

    1. Protein concentration from dilute solutions (e.g. using ultrafiltration, salt precipitation etc.)
    2. Small scale (mg) to large scale (grams) protein purification of recombinant or native proteins using a variety of chromatographic techniques such as :
      • Ion Exchange chromatography (IEX)
      • Hydroxylapatite chromatography
      • Phosphocellulose chromatography
      • Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC)
      • Affinity chromatography (AC)
        • Dye affinity chromatography
        • DNA affinity chromatography:
          Group Specific affinity chromatography e.g metal chelate affinity chromatography for His-tagged proteins, glutathione-sepharose resins for GST-tagged proteins, heparin-sepharose resins for lipoprotein lipases and DNA binding proteins, streptavidin-sepharose resins for biotinylated substances and biotin fusion proteins, amylose affinity purification for fusions with the maltose binding protein etc.
      • Size exclusion chromatography (SEC)
      • Reversed phase chromatography
    3. Preparation of injection material for animal immunization and purification of antibodies from serum.