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Georgios Chamilos

Georgios Chamilos

IMBB Group Leader (Professor, Univ. of Crete)
Email address
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+30-2810-394684 (Office)
+30-2810-394560 (Lab)

Airborne filamentous fungi (molds) are ubiquitous, saprophytic organisms that constantly interact with the immune system without causing disease in healthy individuals. These opportunistic pathogens are emerging causes of life-threatening respiratory infections in an expanding population of immunocompromised patients. Our group is interested to explore (a) host and pathogen molecular determinants of the intracellular fate of fungi inside phagocytes, and (b) mechanisms of immunodeficiency that drive the development of fungal diseases. In order to dissect the complexity of host-fungal interplay we utilize genetic approaches in murine and human primary immune cells, cell lines, and animal models of fungal diseases in transgenic mice.

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