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    Bioimaging Thematic Club seminar series

    Many breakthroughs in Life Sciences have been intrinsically linked to advances in the acquisition and analysis of microscopic images. This is now more true than ever.

    The Bioimaging Thematic Club seminar series, jointly organized by members of FORTH and the University of Crete, aims to create an open and comprehensive forum for the exchange of knowledge, expertise, ideas, troubleshooting and all things related to bioimage acquisition and analysis in our community. The seminar series covers both light and electron microscopy approaches, as well as combinations thereof. Our goal is to embrace all aspects in the Bioimaging field, including custom-built and commercial microscopy modalities, open-source and commercial platforms for image analysis, and modern applications in biological, biomedical and clinical research.

    Seminars will be held in a hybrid format for in-person and remote participation via Zoom to accommodate both internal and external speakers and participants. Local members are highly encouraged to participate in-person to promote scientific and social interactions between our diverse communities of biologists, physicists, computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, physicians and other disciplines.



    6 May - "Going deeper than microscopy: modern tools in Bioimaging"
    Giannis Zacharakis
    Laboratory for Biophotonics and Molecular Imaging, IESL-FORTH, Crete.
    FORTH G. Lianis Amphitheater, 12:00 to 1:30 pm

    27 May - "Illuminating Medicine and Biology with advanced photonic sensing"
    Vasilis Ntziachristos
    Director of Institute of Biological and Medical Imaging at Helmholtz Zentrum & Chair of Biological Imaging at Technical University, Munich, Germany.
    FORTH G. Lianis Amphitheater, 12:00 to 1:30 pm

    30 May - "Imaging pioneer neurons and astroglia in interactions driving the emergence and maintenance of circuit architecture"
    Georgia Rapti
    Nervous System Assembly Laboratory, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany
    FORTH G. Lianis Amphitheater, 12:00 to 1:30 pm

    3 June - "Non-linear microscopy and applications"
    Sotiris Psilodimitrakopoulos
    Ultrafast Laser Micro and Nano Processing Laboratory, IESL-FORTH, Crete.
    FORTH G. Lianis Amphitheater, 12:00 to 1:30 pm

    17 June - "Dissecting cortical computations with calcium microscopy"
    Emmanouil Froudarakis
    Systems Neuroscience Laboratory, IMBB-FORTH, Crete.
    Medical School, Room 7A.01 (Postgraduate wing, ground floor),
    12:00 to 1:30 pm