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    Technological developments in the area of next generation sequencing (NGS) led to a rapidly increasing rate of production of genome-wide biological data, allowing for an unprecedented view of protein-DNA interactions, RNA quantitation and characterization of the epigenetic landscape.

    IMBB's Bioinformatics Support Group, founded following this principle with 3 main goals:

    • To assist IMBB's research groups to analyze their data using bioinformatics tools,
    • To participate in research proposals and collaborate with other research team providing customized bioinformatic services that fit the specific needs of a project and
    • To provide practical training to methods, tools and services to IMBB members and in general taking advantage of all modern tools of e-learning.

    The long term goal is also to develop and setup a virtual research environment where the users could use predefined workflows (or design their own) to analyze their data.