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Advanced Microscopy Unit

•  The Zeiss-Biorad Confocal microscope unit features the following capabilities DICM (Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy)
FC/DF/EF (Phase Contrast / Dark Field / Epifluorescence-microscopy)
FRAP (Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching)
FLIP (Fluorescence Loss In Photobleaching)
FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer)
FLIM (Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy).

•  The Olympus microscope system is capable of DIC, phase contrast , darkfield and polarized light observation.

1) The Zeiss-Biorad unit is equipped with 1 upright microscope with DIC and fluorescent capabilities and oil-immersion lenses, 1 Vibration isolation table, and the Laser Scanning System Unit. The microscope unit is manufactured by Carl Zeiss company (model : Axioskop 2 Plus) and a Scanning Head is attached on it. The Laser Scanning System is manufactured by Biorad company (model: Radiance 2100 equipped with 3 lasers(Argon ,He-Ne, Red Iod).The Facility is also equipped with a computer system (hardware plus software) for the data acquisition and analysis.

Zeiss Confocal System (below)

2) The Olympus unit BX61 is a fully motorized research microscope built on the platform of the traditional upright frame. In the system a DSU (Disk Scanning Unit) spinning disk confocal is integrated that contains a pattern of slits that creates a virtual pinhole as the disk spins. All major microscope functions are completely automated, including focus, illumination, objective lens selection and filter wheels. All motorized accessories are driven by a master external system controller, the BX-UCB. The unit is also equipped with a state-of-the-art-computer system for data acquisition and analysis. A complete software (Cell-R) command set allows for full computer control.

Both Units described above can be used for studying different biological processes (including rate and time related ones) and cell (gene) expression processes as mentioned above.


Name Alexandros Babaratsas
Telephone number +30-2810-391198
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Room Number A053

Contact Person

Name Nektarios Tavernarakis
Telephone number +30-2810-391066
Fax Number +30-2810-391067
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Room Number A123

Zeiss (Microscopy and Imaging)
Guide to Research and Service Imaging Instrumentation
Olympus BX51/BX61, Research System Microscope

Advanced Microscopy Unit
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