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    Autumn 2020
    Summer 2020

    Winter 2019

    Members from our facility participated in various meetings & courses such as:

    • RSPCA Meeting on Severe Suffering. Athens, Greece
    • 12th FORTH Scientific Retreat. Patras, Greece
    • 2nd Meeting of the Greek Laboratory Animal Welfare Committee. Thessaloniki, Greece
    • EMBO Practical Course: Humanized Mice in Biomedicine: Challenges and Innovations. Heidelberg, Germany.
    • Surgical Techniques & Cryopreservation demonstration. Department of Health Sciences, University of Florence, Italy

    March 2018

    IMBB Trangenesis Facility has initiated setting-up standardized mouse archiving services. To request sperm freezing and IVF service fill out the online form. Embryo-freezing service will be available in the coming months.